Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Charming Sardinia's Travel Guides

Have a look at Charming Sardinia's Travel Guides, they contain information about the rich history of Sardinia and the local culture and traditions. They also highlight several must-see places, the best beaches to visit, and several great hotels and restaurants on the island. Charming Sardinia offer three travel guides, one for the north, one for the south-east and one for the south-west of Sardinia.

Charming Sardinia Hotels offers luxury vacations to boutique hotels and amazing wellness resorts on Sardinia. For water or sports lovers, they can also arrange golf holidays. http://www.charmingsardinia.com/sardinia/golf/golf.php http://www.charmingsardinia.com/sardinia/yacht-and-sayling-boat/yacht-and-sayling-boat.php


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