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Sardinia Travel Guide - top attractions

We finally made it to Sardinia in the May half term 2010. Sardinia has been a destination that we have been hoping to go to for a few years now. All the articles and reviews promised an unspoilt island with endless beaches and plenty of ancient sites rich in history to visit. The research paid off and we found we were not disappointed.

Sardinia is a stunning island with much to admire, from outstanding coastlines, granite formations, caves and grottoes. Inland there are forests and mountains, marshes, lagoons and rivers. Sardinia is the destination for wealthy Italians so nothing tasteless or tacky ever ruins the endless beauty of this island. Rustic Chic is a term used correctly to describe Sardinian style. Lazy days on the beach, late afternoon strolls or a wander round the boutique style shops. Followed in the evening by good food and fine wine, while watching the sun set in the sky.

Our holiday was a family excursion (2 parents, 2 children and 2 grandparents) and we found Sardinia the perfect destination. However if we were looking for a romantic getaway I think Sardinia would be just that as well. We rented Villa la Roca (Simply Travel) just outside Alghero, a beautiful quiet spot set up in the hills and only ten minutes in the car to the coast. The Villa offered us everything to temp us to never venture out from this secluded haven but Sardinia was calling out to us to explore.

The end of May was a good time to visit Sardinia. The island was so green with fresh growth and the road verges were awash with colour from wild flowers and grasses. The weather was a comfortable 26 – 28 degrees, evenings were cooler but only a light cardigan was needed. Sleeping was no problem and air conditioning was not needed. We ate outside for lunch and dinner and the children admired the wildlife of tortoises and colourful lizards. Our days consisted of the mornings by the pool followed by lunch on the terrace. Late afternoons we explored and below are some of the destination we would recommend if you are staying near to Alghero.

A youtube video of Alghero harbour can be found here:

Beaches Sardinia boasts some of the best beaches in the world. Visitors are spoilt for choice with hundreds of beaches and at least 80 bays to visit. Sardinia is well known for its gently shelving shorelines, sandy coves and warm rock pools. Couples can always find a quiet spot to bath undisturbed and families will find plenty of safe beaches for the children to explore.

Three of the best beaches to visit near Alghero:
1. La Pelosa beach in the small coastal resort of Stintion, found 50km north of Alghero. This popular beach boasts fine white sands and shallow, tranquil waters. This is a small beach so in peak months of July and August it does get very busy. Small car park available.
2. Torre del Lazzaretto is north of Alghero near the village of Fertilia. Lazzaretto beach is a stunning narrow stretch of fine sands with little rock pools at the edges of the cove. Seventeenth century watch tower set upon the rocks. Shallow calm waters that is crystal clear. There is a small car park, refreshments and clean toilets available, key held at cafe.
3. Maria Pia beach is 2kn north of Alghero. A protected fine sandy beach surrounded by pine woods. This beach is rarely exposed to winds and the sea is nearly always calm.

A youtube video of Lazzaretto cove can be found here:

The Neptune Caves Sail from one of the many boat tours leaving from Alghero harbour. The boat follows the rugged coastline north, with views of the Coral Riviera and then heading up to the tip of Cape Caccia. The boat anchors down in the cave entrance. Visitors must pay an entrance fee and follow the guided tour around the caves. Inside you will find a salt water lake, a holy water font and an impressive two metre-high stalagmite.

A youtube video of the caves can be found here:

Find out more about Sardinia at my Freepedia Travel pages: Here you can find out more which historical sights to visit, activities you can get involved in and futher info on where to stay and how to get to Sardinia.


  1. Find out more about Sardinia at my Freepedia Travel pages: Here you can find out more which historical sights to visit, activities you can get involved in and futher info on where to stay and how to get to Sardinia.

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